Denki given â??Latin twistâ?? via Scottish music group

Jackâ??s Hoose Music providing soundscape to Denkiâ??s first XBLA game

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Scotland-based audio group Jack’s Hoose Music have been signed up to design the soundtrack to Denki’s upcoming XBLA title, Quarrel.

“Denki’s approach to Quarrel audio represents a sultry Latin twist for videogames” said Jack’s Hoose founder Ged Grimes.

The audio specialists – who have provided music for titles such as Pop Idol and Enter The Matrix – will be injecting Quarrel with Latin American, lounge and easy-listening sounds.

Denki’s Gary Penn said he was “amped” to have Jack’s Hoose Music as part of the Quarrel project. 

“The whole live vibe creates so much more character,” he said. “Ged’s brought the whole band to life, put them in the game and they’re playing – just for you.”

Quarrel – a word-based strategy game – marks Denki’s first foray in XBLA titles.


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