Develop adds mobile site now open for those needing the latest development news via their smartphone, Blackberry, or PDA
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Already established as the most important online trade resource, Develop has launched a new mobile-specific website.

Readers simply bookmark into their handsets. Stories are updated through the day and advertising-free.

"Just like BBC Sport, we now provide news wherever you are and whenever you like," said Develop publisher and Intent Media boss Stuart Dinsey.

"Develop is the clear leader online as well as in print. We have the most relevant trade website, Blackberry-friendly email news services and now a bespoke site for browsing via mobile.

"We continue to set the pace with our integrated approach to news and information in this market. No one can match our circulation, our authority or our passion.

"This is about investing in order to provide the best news and advertising solutions, whilst delivering the widest reach. We are the only trade publisher in this market that is genuinely committed to growing our readership."