DEVELOP AWARDS VIDEO: Legend Livingstone's legacy

Watch a video montage of the Eidos Life President's trailblazing career
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Industry luminary Ian Livingstone was honoured this week with the highest individual accolade the Develop Awards can bestow.

The Eidos Life President was handed the Development Legend Award, a prize only a handful of developers can claim ownership of.

Livingstone, whose career began with the tabletop company Games Workshop, went on to shape the ‘Fighting Fantasy’ literary genre and then led publisher Eidos to success.

In an emotional moment, Livingstone received a two-minute standing ovation when picking up the award on stage.

“It was an honour to receive the Legend Award,” Livingstone said.

“The standing ovation was most humbling and a moment I will remember forever.”

Below is a video montage celebrating his career.

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Living Legend

He helped bring D&D to Europe. He founded Games Workshop. He devised Fighting Fantasy. He formed Eidos. Ladies and gentlemen; Ian Livingstone