Develop Studio Sales Charts: Star Wars leads DICE to December success

Battlefront creator is biggest studio over Christmas period as Treyarch falls to second
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As the latest Star Wars movie ruled the box office, the popularity of its virtual counterpart saw developer EA DICE become the most successful studio of last month.

Star Wars Battlefront led DICE to leap two places from third to first during the November 22nd to January 2nd period, having previously lost out to Call of Duty dev Treyarch and Fallout 4 creator Bethesda.

Treyarch fell to second place, while Bethesda dropped two slots to fourth. Filling the gap was EA Canada, which saw a resurgence thanks to Christmas sales of FIFA 16.

Having seen the release of Just Cause 3 at the start of December, Avalanche Studios rocketed from 32nd in the rankings to rest at number five.

Ubisoft Montreal similarly shot up from 22nd thanks to the launch of Rainbow Six Siege, swiping seventh last month. Its sister Canadian studio, Ubisoft Quebec, fell from sixth to 11th as sales of Assassin's Creed Syndicate slowed.

Meanwhile, Christmas sales helped both Rockstar North and Nintendo re-enter the Top Ten, at eighth and ninth, respectively. They had previously occupied 14th and 11th in the charts.

Rockstar's re-entry meant that two UK studios made the Top Ten during December, as it was joined by LEGO Dimensions creator Traveller's Tales in sixth, up from seventh in November.

The only other UK outlet in the Top 20 was 4J Studios, the studio responsible for the PlayStation Edition of Minecraft. It stayed steady, rising one place to 19th.

The full Top Ten for December was as follows:

  1. EA DICE
  2. Treyarch
  3. EA Canada
  4. Bethesda
  5. Avalanche Studios
  6. Traveller's Tales
  7. Ubisoft Montreal
  8. Rockstar North
  9. Nintendo
  10. Telltale Games

The studios are measured by UK revenue at retail, with data provided by GfK Chart-Track.

Digital sales are not included in the calculations, nor are retail transactions made outside the UK.

Take a more detailed look at the Top 20 by clicking the image below.

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