Developers now have access to 100% of Xbox One GPU

Microsoft clarifies recent enhancements to dev kit which it says can be used to increase resolution and graphical effects
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Developers will now have access to 100 per cent of the Xbox One GPU, Microsoft has confirmed.

It recently made changes to the development kit enabling creators to access an extra ten per cent of the GPU, previously reserved for system level processing, including Kinect-related skeletal tracking data.

The news came after Microsoft announced it would be unbundling the Kinect from certain Xbox One SKUs.

It was claimed developers can now use the extra GPU power to increase resolution and enhance graphics. It was noted however that players will not see a significant upgrade in their current games unless the developer utilises the June XDK to update the title.

Should studios take advantage of the extra performance boost, features such as Kinect depth and infrared sensors will no longer work.

Titles set to forgo Kinect and take advantage of full GPU access include Destiny and Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive.