â??Developers should be claiming more R&D tax creditsâ??

Treasury speaks to developers at Tiga Tax Credits seminar
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Tiga recently held a Tax Credits seminar, and the event had one clear message: “Developers should be claiming more tax credits from the Government.”

Speakers from the Treasury and HM Revenue and Customs explained that the new regional specialist units, which cover claims from small- and medium-sized businesses, could be consulted before studios make claims if there are any doubts about the procedure or validity.

Next month Tiga CEO Fred Hasson and Fred Gill, newly elected chairman of the Tiga Technology Group, will talk at a conference of tax inspectors about the game development process and what R&D is involved.

The Tiga Technology Group is dedicated to facilitating dialogue between developers and middleware vendors, as well as detailing the R&D processes involved in game development with the Government to enhance cooperation.

The contents of the Tax Credits seminar will be incorporated into the new version of the Tiga Best Practice Handbook, which will available early next year.