Develop's 30 Under 30 is back - nominations open

The chase is back on to find the industry's best young developers; Submissions close in two weeks
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Nominations are now open for Develop's 30 Under 30, the annual showcase of the most promising new talent to emerge in the games industry.

The 30 Under 30 is brought to you in association with OPM.

If you want to nominate someone – or yourself – get a move on: you've got just two weeks to get your suggestions in - we're closing the lobbying at the end of Monday, November 12th.

The feature, set to appear in both Develop magazine and online, was last year praised by industry figurehead Peter Molyneux.

The final list of thirty promising game developers will feature people from around the world. The feature looks at staff from a broad range of companies of every size, from promising young indies through to shining stars within the ranks of triple-A giants.

If you've got (or have worked with) a budding Carmack, soon-to-be Miyamoto or future Molyneux in your team, it's time to let them shine.

The nomination process is simple: just send a high-resolution photo of the candidate, their job title and role, age, and an explanation of why they should be considered, to