Devs donate game keys to charity

Gaming for Good storefront offers games in exchange for donations
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Dozens of developers have donated download keys for their games to support Gaming for Good, a charitable storefront to benefit Save the Children.

The initiative was launched by the AtheneLive community – headed by popular gaming streamer Bachir Boumaaza, better known as Athene, who already raised $1 million last year for the charity.

All proceeds go directly to Save the Children; the store, publishers, and developers don't get a cut.

"Donations go to save the children's PayPal. We don't take one cent. Props to all the devs and publishers who are crazy enough to support, cause they don't either,” reads a message from Athene on the Gaming for Good website.

Games as diverse in content and origin as To the Moon, Space Pirates and Zombies, Alan Wake: American Nightmare, and War of the Roses are all available for purchase through points earned by donations.

All donations will be matched eight times by USAID, and so far the sale has raised over $4.1 million of its $5 million goal.