Digi-Guys deal for Vicon

Hybrid media studio purchases mo-cap solution
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London-based games developer Digi-Guys is seriously ramping up its in-house production facilities, Develop can reveal, following a big deal with motion-capture company Vicon.

The studio has bought 16 MX40 cameras to shoot the motion-capture scenes on their upcoming videogame and Blu-Ray movie WarDevil.

The company, which pitches itself as both a game and movie studio, has developed a new method of production that allows for the creation of game and movie property from the same studio pipeline.

“We’re looking to capture larger volumes of data with more precision, and MX40 gives us exactly the productivity increase we need,” remarked Andy Whitehurst, creative director at Digi-Guys.

Vijay Chadha, managing director of Digi-Guys’ parent company Ignition Entertainment added, “Our recent major investment from one of India’s largest media giants UTV has allowed us to go straight to key industry leaders as we expand our faciltiies, and Vicon was top of our list for motion capture.”

Digi-Guys joins a multitude of games industry developers, including Sega, Nintendo, EA, Konami and Namco, in using Vicon motion-capture products.

“We’re pleased to help Digi-Guys meet its needs for bringing highly detailed realism to its projects,” concluded Nick Bolton, chief executive of Vicon parent company Oxford Metrics Group.



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