Digital Chocolate to produce ad-funded games

Partnership with Amobee for in-game ad supported mobile titles
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Digital Chocolate and Amobee have teamed up to offer ad-funded mobile games.

The US games publisher is to use Amobee’s Handset Application Programming Interface (HAPI) to make the games ad-ready. It will integrate the small HADI SDK file to enable phones to receive ads from Amobee’s mobile ad-server. The system also enables game publishers to show ads in game, based on their preferences.

Gary Schofield, president of networks at Digital Chocolate, said: “The ad-funded approach is an exciting way for publishers and operators to drive more downloads…we chose to collaborate with Amobee since its HAPI approach is an easy and flexible way to integrate networked ads into applications, making ad-funding games simple and hassle-free.”

Ads will be delivered interstitially during idle game time, dynamically in the game environment or as banner ads. Subscribers can then choose to receive additional information or initiate a transaction.



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