Digital Domain deal for NaturalMotion

Animation tech firm signed up by US visual effects house
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NaturalMotion's Endorphin character animation software is to be integrated into the production pipeline of a Hollywood special effects firm following a deal with Digital Domain.

The Californian company - which worked on effects for I, Robot, Titanic, and The Day After Tomorrow - chose to use Endorphin because it says the software is faster and easier to use than traditional key-frame mocap.

"Endorphin has the ability to seamlessly blend motion capture and simulation enabling me to quickly create complex stunts that would have been too dangerous for a performer to achieve," commented Chad Finnerty, a digital artist at Digital Domain.

"Digital Domain is world-renowned for its leading edge visual effects and we are thrilled to welcome them as one of our customers,” added Christian Staack, NaturalMotion’s VP of sales for North America.

"We are committed to providing our customers with the very best in 3D character animation technology and are confident that endorphin will be a tremendous asset to Digital Domain’s toolset."


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