Discount offer as Marmalade joins Tiga

Fellow Tiga members can license Marmalade's tech at reduced price
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Cross-platform SDK group Marmalade has joined UK developer association Tiga.

Marmalade, formerly known as Ideaworks3D, will offer a discount to other Tiga members for using its services. The company’s aim is to offer cross-platform applications “quickly, easily and without compromise”.

“The decision to join Tiga was easy for Marmalade,” said the company’s marketing executive Tamir Strauss.

“With roots deep within the UK’s gaming industry, and the strong suite of products and services we’ve developed over the past decade to serve this industry, it was a natural step for Marmalade to join forces with the Tiga team.

“As cross-platform mobile development becomes a reality faced by almost every game developer, we will be working with Tiga and its members to promote excellence and best practice throughout the UK gaming industry and beyond.”

For information about the Marmalade discount available to TIGA, members should contact Vanessa Joyce at