Disney has more surprises in store, says Spector

Epic Mickey project lead discusses Disneyâ??s new approach
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The startling transformation of Disney’s icon in Epic Mickey will not be a one-off for Disney, according to Warren Spector.

Spector and Junction Point Studios surprised onlookers with the recent unveiling of a less squeaky-clean Mickey Mouse, designed in the spirit of the early ‘Steamboat Willie’ versions of the character.

Yet speaking in the final part of Develop’s interview, Spector stated that Disney will continue to push boundaries.

“A lot of things going on at Disney that will surprise the industry over the coming years,” he said.

“It is funny, but over the years Disney has realised what everyone else has realised – that interactive entertainment is ‘the next big thing’, he added.

Elsewhere in the second part of the interview, Spector discusses the ongoing negotiations he has with Disney over the transformation of Mickey Mouse.

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