Disney signs Papaya for Toy Story game

GDC 09: Californian studio to implement 3D tech in game staring Woody and friends
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Californian studio Papaya is developing the newly announced Toy Story Mania game.

The mini-game collection, which will feature the likes of Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Slinky Dog, Rex, Bo Peep and Hamm, is based in a “carnival” setting and is designed around a 'pick-up-and-play design' ethos.

The game includes a 3D element, and comes packaged with 3D glasses. Precise details of the type of 3D technology implemented have not yet been revealed.

Over the coming months Disney is releasing 3D versions of both Toy Story films, and the third title in the franchise will also be in 3D, pointing to an increased interest in the technique by the company.

“The Toy Story franchise is a fun, dynamic and heart-warming series containing characters and themes that connect with every age group,” Disney Interactive’s senior vice president of global marketing Craig Relyea stated.

“Toy Story Mania combines those popular elements with the unique antics of the new theme park attraction for the ultimate in family entertainment.”

Papaya's previous works include Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey, and Medal of Honor: Airbourne.