DL Multimedia opens Latin American localisation studio

Spanish company aims to become Columbia's leading adaptation service
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Spanish company DL Multimedia is to open a new localisation studio in Colombia.

The company, based in Madrid, is to provide Spanish adaptations for the Latin American market.

“With over 13 years experience in translation, dubbing and subtitling of audiovisual and interactive content, DL is the leading service provider in its field in Spain today," said CEO and founder of DL Multimedia, Tino Martin.

"Our aim is to reach the same position in Colombia soon and I believe we are well positioned to achieve this”

“DL Multimedia’s positioning will without a doubt make our Colombian studios a success," added Emma Kreuz, marketing director of DL Multimedia. "Our ambition is always to provide the best quality at the very best price. From what we have seen nobody offers such quality with such cost-effective results."

Specialising solely in translation, dubbing and subtitling for an array of media including games, software and film, DL Multimedia has previously provided services for Sony Computer Entertainment, Microsoft and Blizzard.


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