Dolby releases Axon SDK for games

New tool enables 3D audio voice chat in online game worlds
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Audio firm Dolby Labs has unveiled the SDK for its in-game communication platform at this week's Austin GDC.

Axon allows for 3D voice chat in online games and virtual worlds that is 'clearer, more realistic, and more immersing than players have ever experienced,' claims Dolby.

“Building on our strengths as an entertainment technology company, we’ve created Dolby Axon to offer game developers a powerful voice platform and gamers an incredible voice experience,” said Matt Tullis, senior manager, games market, Dolby Laboratories.

“We want Dolby Axon to be the voice platform of choice for the most innovative and creative game developers in the world.”

Features of Axon include: 3D voice, which delivers an immersing, realistic 3D voice experience complete with surround panning and distance attenuation; an occlusion engine that dynamically responds to game geometry, enabling gamers to experience voice communication that matches the game environment; voice fonts that allow gamers to take on the voice attributes of game characters; Dolby voice pipeline, which delivers a clear voice experience free of unwanted noise, echo, clipping, and leveling problems; and an API offering integration and game play options to developers, including the ability to create new voice experiences in games.

The SDK is available now - interested game developers and publishers should contact


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Dolbyâ??s involvement in videogames has come a long way since King Arthurâ??s World on the SNES back in 1994, the first game to feature Dolby Surround.