Dontnod elaborates on new IP

Fresh details on unnamed game from Parisian developer, and more on Adrift
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Parisian Dontnod has revealed new details about the unnamed IP it is creating alongside its current development Adrift.

Oskar Guilbert, the studio’s managing director, producer and technical director spoke about the new IP in today's interview on Develop.

"We are creating a brand new IP," confirmed Guilbert. "Yet, we are not reinventing from scratch. We had rather try to find a good balance between gameplay innovations and proved features."

Guilbert also described the title as "an action-adventure game set in the near future, extremely fun to play with a well-balanced gameplay and a breathtaking innovative technology". The new IP will be unveiled at GDC this year.

In the same interview, Guilbert detailed Adrift, which Dontnod is currently developing: "The game is innovative and ambitious in terms of gameplay and technology and fits triple-A games quality standards.

"It’s our first project as a studio, but not as a team. Aleski, Jean-Maxime and I have already worked together at Ubisoft."

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