Dota 2 hits 6.5m monthly users as Valve opens game for all

Player restrictions removed as developer welcomes new signups
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Valve has abolished the gated signup process for its MOBA title Dota 2 and has opened up the game to all.

Despite only granting access through a queue system during the past several months as it continued development on the game and reinforced its servers, the game has still pulled in 6.5 million active users on average a month.

All restrictions have now been removed however, and Valve is now encouraging Steam users to download the free-to-play title.

"For the past several months, access to Dota 2 has been granted through a queue system that gated entry into the community," read a statement on the Dota 2 Blog.

"We’ve used this system to gradually increase the size of our playerbase, as we ramped up our infrastructure and improved the experience for new players. As we have recently completed a set of server management upgrades as well as released a huge number of enhancements to the new user experience, we’re going to remove all restrictions to playing Dota 2."