Double Fine brings surge of pledges to Kickstarter

Double Fine's Kickstarter adventure brought 60k new backers to site
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The Double Fine Kickstarter adventure has resulted in a growth of pledges to campaigns across all categories, acording to a post on the crowd funding platform's blog.

The post deals with some frequently asked questions concerning the massive success of Tim Schafer's Kickstarter campaign, which raised over $3.3 million.

According to Kickstarter, some have expressed concern that large projects, and more projects, would mean tougher competition for backers.

This is not the case, says the crowdfunding site.

The Double Fine campaign brought 60,000 first-time backers to the site, 22 percent of whom donated to other projects, contributing $877K to campaigns, not including the Kickstarter adventure game.

In total, these newcomers have backed over 1,200 projects, and raised about $250k for non-gaming campaigns

Before Double Fine took to Kickstarter, only one gaming project had raised over $100k. Since they launched, nine have.

The blog post described this phenomenon as a "ripple effect", pointing out that this is far from uncommon, but simply how crowdfunding works.

"Projects aren't fighting over a finite pool of Kickstarter dollars or backers," wrote Kickstarter.

"One project's backer isn't another project's loss. The backers that one project brings often end up backing other projects as well. Each project is not only promoting itself, but the Kickstarter ecosystem as a whole."