Double Fine Kickstarter hits $3m

Just a few hours remain for crowdsourcing experiment
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Investment for Tim Shafer’s adventure game project has passed $3 million, according to figures on its official Kickstarter page.

The crowdfunding project passed the milestone on Monday with just a few hours before the experiment draws to a close.

The Kickstarter campaign, widely seen as the most successful ever, hit $1 million in a dramatic 24 hours. At one stage it was accumilating $839 per minute.

Double Fine passed the $2m milestone about ten days later, while the third million was made after another 22 days.

Some $400,000 was originally sought to bankroll Double Fine’s new adventure game, as well as a documentary that will explore the development process of the point-and-click title.

Double Fine will present a special livestream to mark the end of the Kickstarter campaign.

Visit the dedicated UStream channel at 3:00PM PST (6:00PM EST, 10:00PM GMT).

[Pictured: the Double Fine team, San Frnacisco]

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