Double whammy ad deal

In-game ad firm inks deals with Aeria and Kuma Games
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Double Fusion has scored two new deals that will see advertising placed in upcoming titles from independent developers.

Online game firm Aeria Games will be using in-game marketing to drive further revenues from its free-to-download MMO racer Project Torque and make sure players don't have to pay to play.

“In a free-to-play racing title, where advertising is so important because it not only allows us to keep giving players free games, but also adds to the reality of the experience for the gamer, the choice of game advertising partner is crucial,” commented JT Nguyen, CMO, Aeria Games.

“Double Fusion is unparalleled in their talents for matching brands to games and audiences, so we are confident that this program is going to benefit all of us, gamer included.”

Kuma Games, meanwhile, plans to place advertising in several of its original and TV-based episodic games, including Kuma/War and The History Channel's Dogfights.

"Today's 18 to 35 year old man demands more action, more immersion, and more community interaction in his entertainment than old media can ever provide," says Keith Halper, CEO of Kuma Games.

"With the help of Double Fusion's superb brands and advertisers, Kuma engages ‘Man 2.0’ with the intense 3D action he craves, free of charge, while providing sponsors with brand exposure and deep emotional engagement that's really unattainable in any other way.”


Valve and IGA Strike ad deal

Hot on the heels of Double Fusion's announced expansion, rival IGA has confirmed a partnership with Valve for advertising in Counter-Strike - and the two claim it's one of the industry's biggest in-game ad deals yet.

$26m funding for Double Fusion

In-game ad firm Double Fusion has gained $26 million in a financing round that includes Time Warner as a strategic investor – and now the company plans to grow its operation internationally.