Dream Games fires MD and editor after homophobic outburst

Studio rejects player’s request for Steam key because they supported LGBT rights
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A developer has fired two employees – including its managing director – after issuing a homophobic response to a consumer.

The studio was offering free Steam keys to its shooter Operation Caucasus, but when one player with a rainbow-coloured filter on their profile picture – showing support for LGBT rights – requested a key, they were rejected, Kotaku reports.

“We’re not support lgbt,” the studio employee wrote. “Please, just f**k you.”

The player managed to acquire a key through a friend and left a review detailing this exchange, adding: “Games are for all. The pleasure of playing a game should not be restricted to people who are not gay, black, women, or any other group that suffers prejudice. And it is important that developers know this and respect the differences.”

Rather than apologising, a developer using the official Dream Games account took it further.

“We’ll never support lgbt,” they wrote. “We’re not a toy. This is our freewill. We don’t need their money and your money if you’re/they’re from lgbt.”

The post continued in this manner.

Dream Games has since issued an apology via Facebook, stating: “At Dream Games we feel very sorry about current situation. We have fired both editor and managing director from team. We will make sure situations like this will never happen in the future.”



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