Dyack wants a single format too

Silicon Knights says industry â??canâ??t avoidâ?? a one-console future
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Silicon Knights boss Dennis Dyack has once more spoken out about his vision of the single-console future in an article written for the Official Xbox Magazine.

In the piece, reprinted by CVG, Dyack claims that a unified console is “inevitable,” and that it will lead to “games [that would be] better in quality, cheaper, and more widely available.”

Believing that the console will come about through a consortium of game makers, Dyack believes that his vision will come true by looking at the history of technology and economic theory.

"The market is split in an unhealthy way between the major manufacturers,” he continues. “Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony all may have equal marketshare this generation, making it extremely difficult for third-party publishers to choose what platform to focus on.”

The market will not be able to survive in its current condition, he continues, saying that “the economics of the proprietary models seem to point towards spending more money and receiving fewer returns with each generation.”

What he believes will happen is that a standard will be decided upon, such as with TV, and different companies will be able to build a console for the format. Software companies will be able to reduce game prices because of an assured 100% market penetration for the one SKU.

“A one-console future is a future I think we can't avoid - and thankfully, it's a future where everyone would win,” he concluded.



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