E3 2007: Guerilla: Killzone 2 demo 'an important milestone'

Studio talks up long-awaited reveal of PS3 flagship shooter
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An official Q&A with Guerilla Games has been published by Sony, talking up the studio's unveiling of its much-watched Killzone 2 in Santa Monica last night.

"The level we showed at our event is a very important milestone for the team since this is the first anyone has seen of the game," said the official statement. "We are very proud of the game’s progress to date.

"The PS3 really allows us to build Killzone 2 on a grand scale with a level of detail that is truly eye-catching. To give you an example, our character models on screen use the same amount of polygons as an entire level of Killzone on PS2.

"We are bringing very dynamic environments and the AI must deal with the nuances in each by intelligently navigating and fighting through the world."

Amsterdam-based Guerilla's team of 135 developers, described as "a great international workforce" representing over 20 nationalities, has been working on Killzone 2 since its controversial unveiling as a CG 'X-Movie' at E3 2005. The game is set for release in 2008.




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