E3 2013: EA Sports puts emphasis on movement

EA's Madden, Fifa, and UFC are focusing on smarter, more dynamic animations
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EA is using the additional processing power of next generation consoles to enhance the way players move and react in its sports franchises.

At the publisher's E3 2013 press conference new technologies were revealed for Fifa, Madden, UFC, and NBA Live 2014 that seek to make the movement of players "more athletic," and more appropriate to the situation.

The goal is for fans of Football (American or otherwise) to feel more connected to the action through the power of the new Ignite Engine, with "true step" player motion for Madden and improved intelligence for FIFA's virtual footballers.

"FIFA 14 on next gen consoles will feel alive with players who possess human-like intelligence, reactions and instincts, players who move and behave like real athletes, and stadiums that buzz with electricity and excitement," said FIFA executive producer David Rutter.

The return of NBA Live brings a new focus on ball handling, with a new system devoted to dribbling that ensures basketball fans won't be subjected to the bizarre ball-in-hand movements of previous iterations.

Even EA's new UFC franchise will feature dynamic animations, with fighters able to intelligently modify their behavior and motions based on the situation.


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