E3 2013: Watch Microsoft's press conference here

Presentation kicks off at 5:30pm UK time, 9:30am PST
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This year’s E3 expo kicks off later today, and you can watch Microsoft's press conference as it happens right here on Develop.

Microsoft is expected to give a much greater focus on games at E3, having previously focused on the Xbox One's other entertainment features during its recent unveiling.

A number of new exclusive games are expected to be announced for the next-gen console, which may also offer more details on how developers can harness the hardware.

Microsoft’s press conference will kick off at 5:30pm UK time,

If you miss it, then fear not, we’ll be covering the conference extensively to provide you with all the key news and announcements. Keep up with all the stories from the conference in the E3 2013 tag here.

You can watch the video below. Enjoy!