E3 2015: Nintendo Direct kicks off with Starfox Zero

Shigeru Miyamoto details new Wii U version of sci-fi shooter
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Nintendo has finally unveiled Starfox Zero, the latest game in the space dogfighting series.

The trailer for the new title served as the opening to this year’s E3 Nintendo Direct, and shows battles in space and over planets using the trusty Arwing.

Shigeru Miyamoto stressed that this is neither a sequel, nor a remake, hence the name Starfox Zero. The game “uses ideas from both the past and the present” – this can be seen by the mix of new levels and familiar locations such as the Corneria city from the N64 version.

This time around the Arwing can transform into a variety of other vehicles, including a tank, a drone, and a walker. The latter was originally planned for Starfox 2, a SNES title that was never released.

Miyamoto hopes that this will encourage players to explore levels with each type of vehicle.

Starfox Zero is due on Wii U this Christmas, and uses the GamePad’s motion controls to aim. 

The game was originaly shown behind closed doors at E3 2014. This is the first time it has been presented to the public.

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