EA co-founder launches new studio

Joe Ybarra ditches publishers and plans Kickstarter for space strategy title
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A new studio has been unvieled, launched by Electronic Arts co-founder Joe Ybarra.

The studio is called "Joe Got Game," and according to its website is currently planning a Kickstarter for a space strategy game.

Ybarra was one of the original 1982 EA team, and is one of the first producers in the games industry.

He worked with seminal games such as Mule, The Bard's Tale, Wasteland, Mechwarrior, and the original John Madden Football.

While the industry is full of designers going independent and starting their own studio, it is a bit odd to see one of gaming's most distinguished "suits" going rogue.

The approach will probably be unique for an independent team, as much of the website focuses on the business end of games development that most teams do their best to obscure.

The combination of proven business savvy with crowdfunded turn-based strategy should prove quite interesting, and could be one to watch for those keen on crowdfunding as part of a business model.