EA: Console transition is our friend

Interim CEO Larry Probst says coming transition will determine market leadership
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The next console transition is a chance to place the company at the top of the publisher pecking order, says EA's interim CEO Larry Probst.

Despite not reaching profit targets, the latest earnings report showed some positive signs and the company is set to reveal its full next generation console line-up of release titles as soon as the non-disclosure agreement lifts.

EA is definitely putting a lot of effort into consoles, and has a line-up of 11 titles for release in fiscal year 2014.

"Most important is to ensure EA is well positioned to deliver the best games and services on the next-generation consoles," said Probst in the company's earnings report.

"Over the years we've learned how great games, delivered early in the cycle of a new platform, can build strong and enduring relationships with our audience."

EA was walking a fine line in its quarterly report to investors, simultaneously talking up next-gen console hopes while placing an emphasis on digital sales.

"This transition will determine market leadership for the rest of the decade, and we intend to win over consumers with world-class entertainment experiences," said Probst.

"We have a saying at EA: 'Transition is our friend.' This is the time when we tighten our belts and position the company for future growth and success."