EA Phenomic: German development industry 'very robust'

Country's game making community lacks 'close-knit' nature of UK business
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Country's game making community lacks 'close-knit' nature of UK business

In an interview with Develop, EA Phenomic's marketing manager Kevin Anderson has expressed his beleif that the German development industry is continuing to thrive.

Speaking of the game making community in Phenomic's home nation, Anderson said: "It’s very robust and it’s very healthy, particularly in the online space. Just up the road from us there’s studios like Crytek, and a lot of other studios like Ubisoft consuming surface franchise. There’s a lot of games development going on in Germany. EA’s proud to be bringing another franchise from the German market like Battleforge.

"There’s a lot of online development going on in Germany too, particularly in the free-to-play space, so that’s been challenging as well, getting into that market. As a non-German getting involved in it, it’s been exciting. I have to say that the creativiy of these guys amazes me."

Asked about the relationships between developers in Germany, Anderson added: “There is a community. People know each other, but I wouldn’t say there’s the same close-knit community that I would see in the UK business."

Anderson also revealed that joining EA has strengthened the profile of the former independent, which is currently preparing the release and maintenance of online RTS Battleforge.

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