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EA terminates Sims Social, Pet Society and SimCity Social

Publisher not offering refunds for in-game currency in soon-to-be closed Facebook games
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EA has continued its sweeping company-wide restructuring by shutting down three of its Facebook games.

The publisher said The Sims Social, SimCity Social and Pet Society will go offline from June 14th as a result of a large decline in player activity.

In a statement on the closure of The Sims Social, EA said it had made the decision to close the title so it could reallocate development resources to other projects.

EA has also told users to spend any remaining Playfish cash or other existing currency relating to the titles, as it will not be valid after June 14th.

According to AppData, The Sims Social still has more than five million monthly average users, with over 500,000 playing the game daily.

Pet Society has more than one million MAUs and 500,000 DAUs, while SimCity Social has one million MAUs, and 100,000 DAUs.

The news of the game cancellations comes as EA has made a number of layoffs at its studios in Montreal and Ireland as it looks to streamline its operations.