EA, Ubisoft devs team up to Spearhead new studio

Spearhead Games uncloaks with new action puzzler Tiny Brains
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A new studio called Spearhead Games has come out of hiding in Montreal.

Simon Darveau, Malik Boukhira, and Atul Mehre launched Spearhead back in 2011, but have only now announced its existence and debut title: Tiny Brains.

The 3D co-op action puzzle game is set to appear at PAX East later this month, and will be available for download on unspecified "traditional" platforms later this year.

“Spearhead is a team of passionate and experienced creators,” said Darveau, formerly the design director on Assassin’s Creed III at Ubisoft.

“With Tiny Brains, our ambition is to create a super fun and truly cooperative game. So far we are very excited with the results!”