Edge returns to App Store

Mobigame title relaunched after difficult copyright battle
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Popular App Store title Edge has found its way back onto the platform in the US and UK, following a year-long ban and legal battle with industry bogeyman Tim Langdell.

Langdell has taken frequent legal action against studios and developers over the trademark for the word Edge, currently owned by his largely inactive studio of the same name.

In a communication published today however, Mobigame – the studio behind the App Store title – has declared their title is back.

The firm make vague allusions to a legal battle it has fought to get its title re-released, mentioning an unnamed antagonist to its efforts.

“Justice,” it states, “will take care of him.”

“We have fought not only for us, but also for other indies and bigger companies. We were not alone during this year, and we thank all of you for all your efforts. Thanks to us, the word ‘edge’ is now free.”