Eidos lives on as developer brand

Existing Eidos studios to retain brand as Square Enix Europe takes over
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Though Square Enix has effectively retired the Eidos publishing label by relaunching it as Square Enix Europe, the brand will still be used.

Square Enix representatives have explained to Develop that games created by existing Eidos studios will retan the Eidos name.

Those studios include Crystal Dynamics, IO Interactive, Eidos Montreal, Beautiful Game Studios and Eidos GHame Studios.

“Eidos will combine forces with Square Enix where appropriate to create one efficient and powerful structure for game development,” an Square Enix spokesperson said.

Yesterday the news broke that Britsoft publisher Eidos is to be absorbed as part of a brand new European arm for new owners Square Enix – costing both British and European jobs in the process.

Current Eidos chief executive Phil Rogers will be heading up (the provisionally titled) Square Enix Europe, with John Yamamoto leading the North American arm of the business.