Emotion FX V3.7 released

MysticGDâ??s real-time character animation middleware update launches
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MysticGD has launched version 3.7 of Emotion FX, the real-time character animation and model export system.

The release now includes real-time motion mirroring, the Footplant IK inverse kinematics solver, which makes planting feet on uneven surfaces easier, and a jiggle controller designed to help simulate the movement of hair, cloth and fatty tissues.

64-bit, iPhone and DDL support has also been added, as have a number of improvements to performance, exporting and FX Material, with the latter now featuring Boolean and vector parameters. Updated console builds means that the latest update to Emotion FX supports the latest compilers and SDKs, and distributable exporters allow developers to license special exporters that can ship with their games, allowing end-users to create their own content.