Encyclopedia Pictura is the studio working on Kanye West's first game

Only One puts players in control of West’s late mother Donda as she ascends to heaven
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The developer behind rapper Kanye West’s first video game has been named.

Encyclopedia Pictura is no stranger to helping music artists break into the world of games, having previously collaborated with Icelandic singer-songwriter Bjork.

Musical video directors Isaiah Saxon and Sean Hellfritsch will be helming the project, backed by a team of more than 10 contributors.

Only One is based on West’s song of the same name, based on a conversation with his late mother, and sees players take control of Donda West as she ascends and flies through the gates of heaven.

Encyclopedia Pictura revealed that it has been working on the game since last year, and is currently hiring staff to assist with development.

Only One was originally announced in February at West’s launch party for album The Life of Pablo. At the time, the artist called moving into development “hard to do, bro”.


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