Endrant makes its entrance

New UK studio headed up by former Splash Damage MD debuts with Activision/Raven/id contract
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Although the smaller publisher-owned studios in the UK seem
to be droppinglikeflies, a new independent has sprung up - and it already boasts a deal with Activision and id.

Called Endrant studios and based in Sevenoaks, Kent in the South of England, the studios is working with Raven, id and Activision on the multiplayer elements of the upcoming Wolfenstein game.

The new outfit is founded by Neil Postelthwaite and Ben Smedstad. The two are no stranger to working with Activision or id - Postelthwaite was MD of Splash Damage, which worked on Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (and others) for the two, while Smedstad was a producer at Activision.

"Our goal is to make exciting, fun and accessible games that translate to the masses,” said Smedstad, creative director & co-owner on Endrant. “Our backgrounds and experience enable us to be more creative, more focused and deliver a higher quality game no matter what the platform."

The team is now growing as it prepares to take on more projects.

"The pool of talent in the UK was the driving force behind us choosing to set up in England," added Postlethwaite, MD & co-owner of Endrant. "Although the incentives in other countries were tempting, the experience and talent available in the UK is what kept us here."

To prove his point, the studio has already thrown its weight behind the Games Up campaign calling for better support of the UK games industry from the Government.



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