Enslaved dev â??lacked belief in Heavenly Swordâ??

But Ninja Theory says its ready and raring with its latest project
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Cambridge based studio Ninja Theory says it has found a new self-belief after a difficult period developing its previous title, Heavenly Sword.

In an interview with Develop, Ninja Theory creative director Tameem Antoniades said “there is a confidence about Enslaved that wasn’t there when we started Heavenly Sword.”

A PS3 exclusive title, Heavenly Sword was destined as a launch title for Sony’s powerful flagship console. According to Antoniades, it meant that Ninja Theory couldn’t avoid the typically tumultuous period that affects developers working on games for a new console release.

“We spent three quarters of our development time on Heavenly Sword building technology from scratch, because there was no engine,” he says.
“We built our own tools engine and everything, and it was really, really tough going on a platform that at first didn’t exist and then kept changing as it was being prototyped.”

Now working on the multi-platform action title Enslaved, Antoniades is confident the team will fare better this time round.

“We are much more confident as a team than we were back then,” he says.

“We have experience, we have the tools, we have really good people working with us outside of games. It has been fun working on this game. All you do is try and make everything work, and if you get it right everything falls into place and it feels magical and you are transported into this world with this character and this gameplay that all fits.”

He adds that, rather than opting to build a new engine again, the studio chose to work with the Unreal Engine 3.

“Unreal has excellent artists and design tools so we can start building the game from day one, which meant we can make a longer game, a bigger game and a far more complex game with a lot more variety in it,” he says.

The full interview with Antoniades can be found here.



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