EpicWin creator: Hard work doesn't stop once you ship

Develop Conference: Tak Fung wants to shoot his 'golden bullet' of game promotion
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Indie developers need to go out and sell once they’ve completed their first game, EpicWin creator Tak Fung has said.

“Once you’ve released your first game, don’t expect it all to be glorious, Vegas gambling,” said Fung speaking at the Develop Conference.

“You’ve spent all this time making this game. You should be spending even more time promoting it, getting it out there. It’s like a golden bullet: you want to pull it out and then shoot everyone with it."

Fung sold his company, Supermono, to Red Robot Labs last year, something which he admits might appear ‘un-indie’.

However, he said the reason he sold his company was to give himself the freedom to pursue his creative vision. At the time, he said the outcomes of his previous projects weren’t “sustainable”.

“For me personally I want to make really good games of a certain quality that I did not think I could make if I worked on my own. I’m not a businessman, I’m a coder.

“The two most important things for me are to keep making the games that I want to make and be rewarded for it. What I want to do is make my own ideas and I will do anything here to make that happen.”

Fung added that, like any business, you’ve got to think about what resources you have and what you can do with them in the time afforded to you.

“Depending on how you live your life, there are different ways to go about it depending on what you want.”



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