Eurocom opens mocap studio to external devs

Studio can 'meticulously capture body and face performance'
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Studio can 'meticulously capture body and face performance'

Eurocom, the longstanding independent UK studio, will now offer its motion capture facility to external studios.

The in-house mocap studio, pictured, is being offered to external game and movie clients. Game projects such as the Wii editions of Goldeneye and Dead Space, had used the mocap studio for animations.

Prices on renting out the studio services were not issued to the press.

Eurocom claims the mocap studio is one of the largest in Europe. It offers real-time pre-visualisation services with virtual cameras and glasses, and is fully equipped with fight harness, sports flooring and scaffolding.

“We’ve been really impressed with the results from our internal mocap studio, and we are now letting external game and animation studios take advantage of the team's five years of experience meticulously capturing body and facial performances," sais Eurocom MD Mat Sneap.


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