Ex Blizzard designer Kevin Jordan joins Gamera Interactive

Jordon joins as System Designer for new RPG Alaoth - Champions of the Four Kingdoms
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Kevin Jordan, formally of Blizzard and Obsidian, has joing Gamera Interactive as system designer for Alaloth - Champions of The Four Kingdoms.

Jordan has been working in the games industry for 18 years having been one of the three original designers for World of Warcraft and has been a system designer for Hex: Shards of Fate and Obsidian Entertainment's Tyranny.

“Kevin has worked on many different titles in his 18 years career and he’s an amazingly talented guy who can offer insights from his experience designing games, said CEO of Gamera, Alberto Belli. "He adds huge value to our growing team and I’m happy to say that Alaloth will benefit an additional boost from his knowledge of the genre and his past experiences in such huge companies, with so amazing games released in key roles.”