Ex-Bungie devs' studio Polyarc Games raises $3.5m

Tam Armstrong, Danny Bulla and Chris Alderson worked on Destiny, with former pair consulting for Oculus, before founding virtual reality outlet
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Polyarc Games, a new Seattle-based developer formed by three Bungie alumni, has raised more than $3 million in funding.

Tam Armstrong, Danny Bulla and Chris Alderson worked on games including Halo: Reach and Destiny at Bungie, with the former two also acting as consultants for Rift headset maker Oculus. The triad also count studios such as Rockstar and Midway on their collective CV.

Polyarc was formed last year and was awarded with an Unreal Developer Grant in March for a title codenamed ‘Moss’. The studio has announced its plans to focus on developing accessible VR games for a wide audience. It currently has a headcount of six staff, including its three co-founders.

The $3.5 million in Series A funding was led by Chinese investment company UCCVR, followed up by injections from Vulcan Capital and the VR Fund set up by Colopl.


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