Ex-Microsoft devs form new studio RedSix

Trio of console developers now turning to mobile and tablet market
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Three former Microsoft employees have founded a new studio that will focus on mobile games.

Based in London, RedSix Interactive Entertainment is led by James Ackroyd, Jonathan Venables and Mike Rouse. The studio opened its doors in January but has been keeping a low profile until now, reports GamesIndustry.

Ackroyd was previously software director at Microsoft-owned studio Rare, while Rouse and Venables were both founding directors at Lift London, Microsoft’s incubator.

While the trio have previously specialised in console games, they are targeting the smartphone and tablet market. They are currently working already underway on their first title, Coin Op Heroes 2, with a second, unannounced title also in production.

"After many years in the games industry, working alongside some of the most inspiring figures in the field, we are excited to set out on this new journey," said Rouse. "RedSix will create and bring to market the highest quality gaming experiences, focused on new IPs, across tablet, mobile and future gaming platforms."

Venables added: ”At RedSix we will create games that are full of characters living in worlds you can immerse yourself in. We are currently developing two very different games: the first is 2D, the second is 3D. Whilst very different, they both have a recognizable and distinctive style. With this approach we will bring character led personality to all of our games."