Ex-Naughty Dog, Sony and Ubi execs form Mojaro

Inaugural title KnightScape made using studio's mobile game platform
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Former executives of publishers EA, Sony, Ubisoft and related developers have formed a new studio, called Mojaro.

The studio, based in Vancouver, Canada, was formed in 2010 by Laurent Ancessi, who previously worked at Electronic Arts, Sony, Radical Entertainment and Naughty Dog.

For two years it has operated in stealth mode under the name Virtual Intelligence, developing a proprietary animation and AI-based technology for a cross-genre mobile gaming platform.

Mojaro has other industry veterans in its ranks, including former EA and Nokia executive Nick Malaperiman who leads its sales and marketing efforts.

The group is guided by an outstanding advisory board which includes Louis Castle, who held senior executive roles at Zynga and EA after founding Westwood Studios, and game marketing expert Tiffany Spencer, whose background includes work for Ubisoft, EA and, most recently, Ouya.

The studio’s ambition is to develop pioneering mobile game experiences.

“We wanted to build much more than a stand-alone games, so have invested considerable time and effort to build a unique, high-quality mobile gaming platform. Initially built for a range of iOS devices, and expansion to other operating systems is high on the priority list,” the company’s biography reads on its website.

Mojaro just released its inaugural title, mobile action adventure KnightScape for iOS. KnightScape is described by CEO Laurent Ancessi as “an engaging, HD-quality action adventure game that’s truly cinematic in presentation, and most importantly, a blast to play”.

Virtual Intelligence, Morjaro’s parent company, is a privately held company that is supported by Montgomery Kersten, who leads a group of angel investors who share the vision of making a positive impact on the mobile games industry.

Find out more about it at Mojaro.