Ex-RTW man reveals new 'crowdsource studio'

People Pilot actively collaborating with external studios
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A former audio lead at defunct Dundee outfit Realtime Worlds has revealed his new crowdsource-focused development studio.

Roland Peddie (pictured) opened his new venture, People Pilot, in Australia last year – yet much of the firm’s production can theoretically take place around the world.

Peddie wants to outsource different parts of a game project to other studios, creating an international network of developers collaborating on a single project.

This contractor process will, in theory, allow People Pilot to fit team sizes to match the scale of a game project.

“It works well for audio so I’m betting it will work for art and technology too” said Peddie.

“Even at this very early stage it has enabled collaborations that would not have worked at a traditional studio.”

He added: “Different projects require different team sizes, and that is easy to accommodate under this model. I think the time has finally come for distributed workforces, made especially cost effective with the growth of talent in countries such as India. The key is in strong guiding vision and quality communication.”

People Pilot is to self self-publish its projects, and its debut game suggests that Peddie wants his firm to explore the mobile and digital channels.

The studio’s first mobile offering, called Art Spot, has been released on Windows Phone 7.