Far Cry 2's audio in focus

Develop talks with the Ubisoft Montreal sound team
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In today's technology feature, Develop has been speaking with the audio team from Ubisoft Montreal about their work on Far Cry 2.

In the in-depth look at the huge amount of work that went into the game, the team reveal that Far Cry 2 was in many regards more challenging to create sound for that a typical film.

“For Far Cry 2 alone we probably did more Foley than for any movie,” said sound designer Michael Marsan. “The weapon manipulations require a lot, and then there’s masses of idle animations – cutting in from CD libraries isn’t good enough, it has to be done precisely to fit.

“What we’ve been able to do with current-gen is incredible – especially with run-time processing,” added audio director Jeff Wesevich. “But it’s still much easier to mix in a movie: you have such freedom to change the sound treatment – freeze the audio, do crazy special effects, go to unreality and back – all to tell the story and grab the attention. In games we’re still working that out."

Far Cry 2 features over 10,000 sound effects files, 128 minutes of music and 12,000 dialogue lines.

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