Feelreal invents 'smellovision' for virtual reality

Battery-powered masks emits scents to tie in with VR experience
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Virtual reality has been a major headline-grabber for the past week, but one company at GDC is taking it in a rather unexpected direction: right up your nostrils.

Tech company Feelreal has invented a form of 'smellovision' for virtual reality users in the form of a mask that emits scents appropriate to whatever's happening in the game, according to The Verge.

The battery-powered mask attaches to the VR headset – demonstrated at GDC with an Oculus Rift – and connects to the game via Bluetooth. 

The device features a range of functions designed to create realistic feedback for the player, including small heaters, air coolers, misters and a vibration engine. It also features a lip-shaped microphone for voice-activated games.

The main feature is the removable cartridge which offers seven smells depending on what is happening in the virtual world: Ocean, Jungle, Fire, Grass, Powder, Flowers and Metal.

The Verge has written a playtest of their experience with the device. It sounds a little uncomfortable, to say the least.


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