Firemint 're-imagining' Flight Control for iPad

Popular iPhone title to get big-screen remake by Australian creator
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With Apple's iPad finally unveiled, games developers have been talking about their plans to support the device.

Australian developer Firemint has got in early. "This morning, Apple revealed a magical and revolutionary device. We're delighted that we can now make our own announcement: we will bring an optimised and re-imagined version of Flight Control to iPad," says a statement from the company.

Flight Control has been hugely popular on iPhone, recently passing two million paid downloads, and spawning an entire genre of 'line-drawing' games.

"Like almost 140,000 other apps on the App Store, Flight Control will work perfectly on iPad without any changes from us, but we want to ensure a delightful experience on iPad that feels just right," continues the statement.

"The iPad announcement and Apple's A4 chip have come at a fantastic time for us. We are working on some incredibly fun and exciting games that will look amazing on iPad and take full advantage of its features, as well as working brilliantly on iPhone and iPod touch."

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