Fishlabs wins German Developer Award 2007

Mobile studio commended for its work on Blades & Magic
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Mobile game maker Fishlabs has received the ‘Best Mobile Game’ award at GameCity Hamburg’s German Developer Awards 2007.

The company, whose high-powered Abyss engine powers many 3D games for Java and BREW-enabled phones, was highlighted for its work on the RPG Blades & Magic.

“We are extremely pleased that our action RPG Blades & Magic was chosen as the best mobile game of 2007. For the title to be praised not only by the gaming community and the trade press, but also by the expert jury of the German Developer Award is another terrific accolade for our entire team and is the crowning conclusion to a very successful 2007,” said Michael Schade, CEO and co-founder of Fishlabs.

“Moreover, it is also an important signal to the entire mobile games industry that complex 3D games are also able to thrill so-called core gamers on mobile phones.”

Achim Quinke, project manager of Gamecity Hamburg, added: “The award impressively underscores Hamburg’s leading role in the field of mobile games. With the Hamburg prototype sponsorship and our numerous services, we will be able to support innovative game developers even more strongly in the future.”



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