Former Crytek producer joins Dirty Edge

iPhone studio talks up Unity engine as it welcomes new recruit
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Studio Dirty Edge has hired former Crytek game producer Luke Stafford to head up the team working on a new iPhone game, Hellemental.

Built using the Unity 3D engine, Hellemental offers players a blend of action and strategy in a fantasy setting.

"As the license fees of these kind platforms are a huge barrier to smaller developers, this is why Dirty Edge didn't even consider other popular game engines like CryEngine, Unreal, Gamebyro or BigWorld," read a statement to the press from the developer.

"Unity, which was runner-up for best OS graphics in the Apple design awards, gives developers all the tools they need to produce high-quality 3D games for mobile devices like the iPhone. For developers looking for a cost-effective gaming engine, Unity can deliver absolutely stunning results, as is evident with the launch of Hellemental."

Previously Stafford has worked on Codemasters' Flashpoint 2, as well as the publisher-developer's racing series Dirt. Most recently the new Dirty Edge employee contributed to Crytek's Crysis series, handling the Crysis Wars spin off.